NASA Uses Algae to Turn Sewage into Fuel

Algae harvester

NASA may concern itself largely with space exploration, but it also wants to keep Earth on a steady course in the face of rising energy costs and climate change. Now the U.S. space agency has thrown its weight behind a clever method of growing algae in wastewater for the purpose of making biofuel.

The OMEGA system consists of algae grown in flexible plastic bags floating offshore, where cities typically dump their wastewater. Oil-producing freshwater algae would naturally clean the wastewater by feeding on nutrients in the sewage. The cleansed freshwater could then release into the ocean through forward-osmosis membranes in the sides of the plastic bags.

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One thought on “NASA Uses Algae to Turn Sewage into Fuel”

  1. My main concern is that, these flexible plastic bags may cause plastic pollution… do NASA have methods to take them back after a period of time…… do they survive in rough oceans… whats the life of algae in those bags…life cycle of algae…
    will they grow in size and bust the bags(may be thats why its flexible) and some what good…still……

    hope for the best

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