Gulfstream G250 Completes First Test Flight

Gulfstream g250 first flight

Gulfstream G250 First flight

A little over two months after its rollout, the Gulfstream G250 completed its first flight today. The 3:21 hour flight took off from Ben Gurion International Airport at 8:16 a.m. local time.

Pilots used the flight to test the G250’s flight-handling qualities and characteristics, and performed initial checks of several aircraft systems. The large-cabin,

mid-range aircraft flew up to 32,000 feet, achieving a maximum speed of 253 knots.

Chief test pilot Ronen Shapira called the flight “extremely smooth with no issues.” IAI’s Flight Telemetry System allowed flight-test engineers on the ground to monitor the G250 aircraft systems in real time during the flight, as well as record the data from the first flight test point.

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