Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk says he’s ready to take another space flight

Barely back on Earth, Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk is already musing about returning to the International Space Station.

Thirsk is not being put off by the rocky ride he experienced during re-entry into the atmosphere on Tuesday while being strapped into a cramped space capsule.

“Imagine being stuffed into a Volkswagen Beetle, going for a ride on a roller-coaster, going to a laser light show and riding on the back of a bucking bronco,” he said Wednesday in an interview on a flight to Moscow from Kazakhstan.

“Combine all these things together, multiply by 10 and that’s what it’s like to land.”

The space veteran declared he would jump at the opportunity to spend more time on the orbiting space outpost.

“If I had the opportunity to fly again, yes!,” Thirsk said.

“It had a combination of good science, repair work, which I enjoy, and a little bit of assembly work.

“My personality is perfectly suited for a long-duration mission on the space station.”

But, at a later news conference, Thirsk added it’s not just up to him to decide whether he should go off into the cosmos again.

“It’s important to discuss this question with my wife and my boss to decide the next step,” the father of three said.

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